Meta-Post: Video Playlists of RPRZ Species

Welcome! I’m Karthik, a naturalist studying this area for more than a decade. This blog contains some of the things I’ve seen. Please root around. Explore.

There’s a Linnaeus page on this site, where I’ve identified many species found in the Rocky Point Recharge Zone.

You can also use the category cloud or search tool to the right to see individual posts about species. (i.e. click on ‘deer’ or ‘birds’ or enter ‘egret’ or ‘hawk’ in the search bar).

In addition, here’s a post I will keep adding to that makes it simple to see YouTube Video Playlists I made of the best footage of various species or occurrences in the RPRZ:

Red-shouldered Hawk


Western Kingbird


Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher

Flathead Catfish

Loggerhead Shrike



Crested Caracara


Last Day of a Great Blue Heron